Strings Attached - The Ties That Make Us Human 

The world premiere production at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

"Lisa D. Lechuga, collaborating with production designer Evan A. Bartoletti, designed and choreographed the puppets, offering extraordinarily original creations. Especially effective was large shimmering fabric (one peach-colored, one rose-) that would descend from the ceiling like slow-moving jellyfish."  STAGE & CINEMA

"'He can see any vision,” Lechuga said. “Even with limitations, he will say, ‘I can make it happen.’”   "'Bartoletti says his strengths lie in visualizing an environment for the actors.'"  Daily Bruin

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Nice Fish                                                                                                                                                       

An Interact Theatre Company production and west coast premiere at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

"The design elements — especially Evan Bartoletti's striking, snow-swept set and Martin Carrillo's evocative sound design — are first rate."  The Los Angeles Times

Pie In The Sky

Ovation nominee for set design, produced by The Victory Theatre Center

"Evan Bartoletti's beautifully detailed set, which includes a fully functioning kitchen, is the somewhat claustrophobic milieu in which the two women bustle, bicker, snipe and, most frequently, richly amuse each other."  The Los Angeles Times